we are a dedicated Sherlock cosplay group from Finland. Come say hello or if there's any questions, let us know!
221B Cosplay

BBC Sherlock - The great game cosplay

Sherlock: Julian

Tampere kuplii 2014 Hannibal bloopers/randomness

Will: Minja and x (My apology. I’ll add the link when I get it)

Hannibal: Julian


More pictures from the weekend at Tampere kuplii 2014

Will (first pic) - Minja

Will (last pic) - Jansu

Hannibal - Julian

Random picture from Tampere kuplii. Taken by: Henna Siiki

Will: Minja

Hannibal: Julian

Will Graham and Hannibal in Tampere kuplii 2014 - photos from sunday

Will - Minja

Hannibal - Julian

Will you guys come to NärCon this summer again?

and the cosplayers, ever so lovely, replied:

We’re still considering it. It is quite clear that Kitty and Mary aren’t in Finland during the summer, but I’d dare to say that If I get Graham-ahem Greg to keep me company in NärCon I’ll certainly be there with him. -SH

Hey I'm going this year to Manchester Comicon and this year I'm going with my bf, we want to cosplay as Mary and John watson since we're both big fans of Sherlock, do you have any tips for my Mary Watson Cosplay and maybe his John? Hope you can help me out. Cheers x

and the cosplayers, ever so lovely, replied:

I hate to tell you this but my Mary cosplay was actually made one night before leaving to the convention! I guess it’s just about finding the right clothes:D I made the pin she has on her coat from fabric, cardboard and staples:D The wig is a normal short-ish cosplay wig that is just twisted and pinned along my head.

As for John, the only tip coming to my mind is to use one’s own hair for John because it’s hard find a good wig. Though if you don’t want to cut it, look for theatre wigs on ebay, they tend to look more natural.

- Kitty/Mary

Hi! First off, ALL YOUR COSPLAY IS BRILLIANT AND I AM ENVIOUS. Second, I'd like to cosplay Irene Adler, but I wanted some advice on the makeup/hair? If you could give me any tips that would be lovely. Thank you!

and the cosplayers, ever so lovely, replied:

Firstly, thank you very much!  I guess I’m the right person to answer this since I do the make up and hair for our Irene.

Irene’s make up is pretty simple. Golden light brown eyeshadow combined with a thin layer of turquoise eyeliner and well made lashes. I usually use half fake lashes on the outer corner of the eye for our Irene because it makes the eyes look wider. Lips stay red by tinting them with a blood red lip liner and then applying the lipstick. As for the skin, I use just foundation and some lighter powder to highlight the cheeks and bronzing powder to form the right lines.

As for the hair, having a long and thick hair helps a lot! You also need a lot of pins and hairspray. However, it’s hard to explain how to make the hair but maybe we can make a good tutorial once our lovely Irene returns from Thailand.

Hope this helped:D

- Kitty

Hi! I was wondering if I could ask where your Mary Morstan cosplayer got her wig?

and the cosplayers, ever so lovely, replied:

Ebay! It was an old wig from our Jim’s Cain Nightroad from Trinity Blood cosplay. It was a pretty simple blonde wig, something like this:  http://www.hellocosplay.com/images/wigs/blonde-yellow-short-wig-layered-cosplay-wig-2.jpg

Are any of you going to NärCon Vinter?

and the cosplayers, ever so lovely, replied:

I’m too late with this since it already went but no, we weren’t going:D - Mary