we are a dedicated Sherlock cosplay group from Finland. Come say hello or if there's any questions, let us know!
221B Cosplay

221b cosplay - tracon 9

Jim - Heta

Sherlock - Julian

John - Minja

221b went Sherlock again at Tracon 9 - John and Sherlock

John - Minja

Sherlock - Julian

221bcosplay goes Darjeeling limited - Desucon 2014

Jack - Heta

Francis - Minja

Peter - Julian

Ur cosplay is BRILLIANT!i like them very much,they're so cute .i have a question that can i reblog them to the Baidu Post Bar of Sherlock Holmes,cause i want more people to see them

and the cosplayers, ever so lovely, replied:

That’s what our pictures are here for. Thank you -SH 

The grand budapest hotel cosplay “awkward elevator moment”

Dmitri: Julian

Gustave: Minja

The grand budapest hotel - Gustave and Dmitri cosplay (Cosvision 2014)

Gustave: Minja

Dmitri: Julian

BBC Sherlock - The great game cosplay

Sherlock: Julian

Tampere kuplii 2014 Hannibal bloopers/randomness

Will: Minja and x (My apology. I’ll add the link when I get it)

Hannibal: Julian


More pictures from the weekend at Tampere kuplii 2014

Will (first pic) - Minja

Will (last pic) - Jansu

Hannibal - Julian

Random picture from Tampere kuplii. Taken by: Henna Siiki

Will: Minja

Hannibal: Julian